Vine Go



VineGo operates in accordance with the regulations established by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). The ADA states that a person who is unable to use the regular bus should be able to travel via public transit on the same days, during the same hours, and in the same areas as the regular bus (fixed route). This type of service is labelled as complementary ADA paratransit service. VineGo operates as a shared ride service and provides transportation curb to curb within its designated service area. The ADA stipulates that the service area for complementary ADA paratransit should be at least three-quarters of a mile from any regular fixed route bus system. In order to use VineGo one must be certified as eligible.

Latest Update: Public Transit passengers with disabilities may request reasonable modifications be made to accommodate their use of public transit. Requests should be made in written form and submitted to the Manager of Public Transit at 625 Burnell St. Napa, CA 94559.


Who can qualify for this program?

Eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis. According to ADA regulations, eligibility is strictly for individuals with physical and/or cognitive limitations that prevent them from riding the Vine bus.


How can I apply?

To apply for eligibility you must complete an in-person functional assessment. To schedule the assessment please call (707) 253-4649. 


How the program works:

VineGo can pick up passengers from the doorsteps of their home to their destinations (if VineGo is not be able to pick up or drop off passengers due to difficulties or physical barriers, Vine Go will pick up/drop off the passenger at the nearest safe location). Roundtrips are welcome. 

Enrollees can schedule trips up to 7 days in advance. Same day reservations are also welcome, however, we recommend making trip reservations in advance as this service is in high demand. All rides are scheduled over the phone. 


To schedule a trip (must be enrolled in VineGo before scheduling a ride) please call (707) 252-2600.

Reservation Hours:

Monday – Friday: 8 am - 6 pm

Saturday – Sunday: 8 am - 5pm 


Key Notes:

PLEASE BE FLEXIBLE. Vine Go dispatch can negotiate a pick-up time that is up to 60 minutes before or after your requested pick-up time.

- Remember that this is a SHARED RIDE SERVICE (NOT A TAXI SERVICE), The driver may pickup or drop off other passengers along the way.


Service Hours:

Vine Go during the same days and hours that fixed route service operates. If an individual can travel from a given origin to a given destination on a particular fixed route at a certain time of day, a paratransit eligible person must also be able to travel from the same origin to that same destination on paratransit at that time of day. Because paratransit service is required to be available during the same hours and days as the fixed route system, and because not all fixed routes will necessarily be operating at a given time on a given day, the shape of the paratransit service area can be expected to change accordingly. For example, it is common for certain routes to not run late at night or on Sundays. Those routes, and their associated paratransit corridors, are served with paratransit when the fixed route system is not running on them.



Fares range from $3.20 or $6.40 and are based on distance traveled. Passes are also available at a discounted price. Rides are charged based on the actual fare. ADA fares are no more than twice the adult fixed route fare charged by the Vine.  Please note that VineGo is NOT an emergency transportation service. If you have an emergency of any nature, call 911.

Exact fare is required on all buses. All fares are non-refundable. Drivers cannot make change.


Below is a chart of the VineGo one-way trip fares:

Location Calistoga St. Helena  Yountville  Napa   American Canyon

Kaiser   Vallejo

Calistoga X $3.20 $3.20 $3.20 $6.40


St. Helena $3.20 X $3.20 $3.20 $3.20 $6.40
Yountville $3.20 $3.20 X $3.20 $3.20 $6.40
Napa $3.20 $3.20 $3.20 $3.20 $3.20 $3.20
American Canyon $6.40 $3.20 $3.20 $3.20 X $3.20
Kaiser  Vallejo $6.40 $6.40 $6.40 $3.20 $3.20 X

Updated 2015. Prices are subject to change.

X = If the city of your residence has public transportation that offers door-to-door services,  Vine Go will only provide trips outside that city. 


Vine Go Discount Pass:

Eligible members of Vine Go may purchase discount passes at the Soscol Gateway Transit Center or online.  The purchase price of a Discount Pass is $17 for a $20 value.  




Comments and Complaints:

Comments and Complaints from the public may be received electronically through email, or HERE. Prepaid comment cards available in English and Spanish on Vine vehicles, standard written correspondence, testimony at public meetings, and/or via telephone or in-person communication. When complaints are received, NVTA staff and/or contractor will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 24 hours from the time it is received. All complaints should be investigated and resolved within 5 business days. Complaining party shall be notified of the agency’s resolution of the complaint within 5 business days.  NVTA’s contractor shall maintain documentation of all complaints received and their resolution and provide monthly written summaries to be included in the contractor’s monthly invoice to NVTA.


ADA visitors to Napa County:

ADA eligible visitors from outside the Bay Area may also use the Vine Go Paratransit service. ADA visitors can contact their paratransit service of their residency and ask to send their ADA service information to Vine Go at the fax number of (707) 259-8638. Once Vine Go has the information in the database, visitors can use Vine Go with a courtesy period of 30 days of service during any 365 period beginning with the visitors’ first use of Vine Go. If the ADA visitor needs more time than 30 days, they must be formally relocated into the VineGo service area and furnish a permanent Napa address.