Taxi Scrip


NCTPA provides programs to bring transportation to as many Napa County residents as possible. One of these specialized services is the Taxi Scrip Program.

The VINE bus system provides a great way for seniors to get around inexpensively.  But for evening trips after the bus goes out of service, or on a day when a rider may not feel well enough to take the bus, our Taxi Scrip program provides a lifeline service for seniors within the City limits of Napa.  Under the program, participants may take a cab ride anywhere in the City of Napa and NCTPA will pay up to half the cost of the cab ride.  The average out of pocket cost for senior riders is $4 per ride. Some program restrictions apply.

For details on eligibility and other issues, please download the application form on the right, or contact the Customer Service office at (707) 251-2800.


Taxi Scrip Eligibility

Taxi Scrip serves persons 65 or over or those with disabilities.  Riders must apply (or have someone apply on their behalf) by completing an application.

*NOTE: Downloadable application forms are in PDF format.  Your machine must be equipped with Adobe's Acrobat Reader to properly view and print the application.  Or request an application in person or by mail at VINE Transit, 625 Burnell Street, Napa, CA 94559.