Park & Rides

Park & Ride facilities are car parks with connections to public transportation that allow commuters and other people headed to city centers to leave their vehicles and transfer to a bus, rail system (rapid transit, light rail, or commuter rail), or carpool for the remainder of the journey. The vehicle is stored in the car park during the day and retrieved when the owner returns. Park & Rides are generally located in the suburbs of metropolitan areas or on the outer edges of large cities.

NVTA and Vine Transit operate two Park & Ride facilities in Napa County:

City of Napa
Redwood Park and Ride Lot
Corner of Redwood Rd. and Solano Ave.
3416 Solano Ave.


Town of Yountville
Younvtille Park and Ride
Corner of Solano Avenue and California Drive.


American Canyon
300 Crawford Way (at James Road)
(map coming soon!)

Benefits of Park & Rides

  • Taking your car is expensive – think of all the costs associated with it – fuel, upkeep of the car, expensive car parking. Why run your car when there is a bus going to the same place at the same time? And car parking is free.
  • Parking – it can be difficult to find a car parking space downtown - park your car at a Park & Ride site most convenient to you and get to your destination hassle free!

  • Bus fares are cheaper than downtown car parking rates.

  • Pollution – public transportation has less of a negative impact on the environment than taking the car – why not help reduce your "carbon footprint"?

  • Convenience – Park & Ride services operate at convenient times – there's a wide range to choose from and there are convenient opening hours for car parks.

  • Avoid the traffic – leave traffic congestion behind and take advantage of a frequent and fast service that's comfortable and stress free.

  • The Park & Ride lots and are well lit.

  • There are fast & frequent buses to your destination.

  • The Redwood Park & Ride lot in the City of Napa is equipped with Electric Charging Stations.