American Canyon Transit



NEW CHANGES - Starting August 17, 2015


 American Canyon Transit (ACT) will provide
door-to-door services:
Monday - Friday
8:30pm - 3:30pm and 4:20pm - 5:30pm 
ACT  fixed-route service hours:
Monday - Friday
6:00am - 7:00am
7:15am - 8:30am
3:35pm - 4:20pm


To see American Canyon Transit Maps and Schedules, click here.

American Canyon Transit (ACT) provides a deviated fixed route bus service and is aimed at getting local residents to shopping and healthcare facilities within American Canyon.  ACT connects to the Napa VINE Routes 11 and 29 allowing American Canyon residents and visitors to travel to Napa, Vallejo, the Vallejo Ferry and even BART in the East Bay.  The VINE system serves all the cities in the Napa Valley and connects with Soltrans, Sonoma County Transit, Petaluma Transit, Lake County Transit, BART, the Vallejo Ferry, Amtrak and Greyhound. 


Service Hours:     Monday to Friday 6:00am - 6:45pm

Peak Hours:       7:25am - 8:30am and 3:40pm - 4:00pm    

During peak hours the bus runs in a one-way loop as shown on the map.


Core Service Hours: 10am - 4pm   

During core service hours, two buses run on the regular service route (slightly different than the Peak route) in opposite directions.  A bus comes in each direction once every hour, off-set so that it is possible to catch a bus every 30 minutes.


Riders with Special Needs:  ACT will deviate off its route to make a door-to-door pick-ups during Core Service hours of 10 am to 4 pm. Make same day requests by calling (707) 557-7557..

American Canyon Transit does not operate on the following days:

New Year's Day
Memorial Day
Labor Day
Independence Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day


Adults $1.00
Youth (6-18)    50¢
Seniors and disabled    50¢
Students    50¢

Deviated (door-to-door) Fares

Seniors $1.00
Disabled $1.00

Exact fare is required on all buses. All fares are non-refundable. Drivers cannot make change.

To see American Canyon Transit Maps and Schedules, click here.